Not Just Web Design

A consistently branded website is fundamental to your business alongside SEO, linked social media and digital marketing.

We build responsive websites.

This means that they shrink to fit whatever size device screen they are being viewed on.

There are websites and then there are remarkable websites

Whilst there are many website developers available, there are few who combine the technical knowledge with outstanding professional design. An internet presence is vital in today's world but a website as with any communication tool can work for or against you.

Many organisations are on their second or third generation website having had technical programmers build their first site only to discover that it had not been efficiently designed. Second and third generation websites are simply laid out, uncluttered for ease of use, quick to navigate and fast to load. The applications they rely on are future proof and the sites are optimised on and off page for search engines to pick up and prioritise. They should be responsive in size (shrinking when viewed on tablets and smart phones) and link to social media. Overall they must add value to your business identity.

We build everything from simple brochure sites to large e-commerce sites for corporations always ensuring our websites are user friendly and standards compliant and carry out extensive cross browser testing checking that pages load quickly and correctly.

But we don't just design and build websites. Oh no.

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Communicating globally on all platforms and devices.


Content Management Systems

Website design has grown up over the last few years. It has gone from purely information based websites to image rich, scrolling, magazine style sites with infographics.

We create a website based around your specific requirements. All our websites come with CMS so you can update the content.

You can add/delete pages, images and copy yourself quickly and easily. We can develop a site using any system you want including WordPress, Opencart and Silverstripe.


Web Applications

Thinking of opening your own online shop?

We create every sort from small e-commerce sites for those who sell their handmade products to huge online stores for those that ship internationally. You can choose from many different platforms depending on the amount of traffic you expect to receive.

If you require a custom built website application such as a project management system, video library tool or company Facebook style application we can develop these for you.


 ios apps and device app development

We develop cross platform apps for any device.

Got an idea for a great app?

Or perhaps your company needs one to help the team work more efficiently?


Give us a call on 01392 680032 and let's talk apps.