Search engine optimisation & Google Adwords

Making sure your website is optimised for your business and helping your customers find you.

Getting the most from your website!


A Dummies Guide To Pay Per Click Advertising 

Can we really make page one on Google?

For something like 'top supermarket' you may be a little hard pressed because the competition for such words are vast.

However, with the right key words and an SEO budget that allows for work to be regularly done on your site you can always greatly improve your rankings and reach your Google potential increasing the traffic to your site.

Your website needs a little SEO.

As search engines are constantly changing their system or algorithms for listing results, you've got to stay on your toes. We are constantly updating our SEO developments with the latest knowledge, which in turn keep our clients one step ahead of their competitor.

We include simple on-page optimisation in all our websites and our sites are designed carefully with the search engines in mind, but if you want continuous off-page optimisation we also offer this service.

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Google Adwords or Facebook Advertsing

An easy way to get clicks to your site is through Google adwords or Facebook advertising. These are (Pay Per Click) PPC systems. You only pay if your advert is clicked on. You can set a monthly budget and hey presto you have visitors. These campaigns need careful thought which we can help you with a clear marketing strategy.

If you need any more information regarding Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising then call us on Exeter 01392 680032.