Exeter Graphic Design

Whether a company brochure, product literature, sales presentation or catalogue, we start by listening attentively to our clients' needs and goals.

The Design Process

We get very excited, drink a lot of coffee and brainstorm loudly.

Whatever the project, we balance quality with cost effectiveness and produce simple yet powerful literature that entices and engages.




Branding and logo design

Branding and logos are at the very heart of a business and so getting them right is crucial. We will often spend time sketching and crafting logo ideas the old fashioned way before we produce the digital version. The pyschology of colour and design plays a strong role in our choices and look at our concepts on many levels during the creation process.

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Our eyes are bombarded with advertising and our brain filters most of it out so as not to overwhelm us. To draw people's attention to your ad in this new era is an art form.

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Professionally designed exhibition pop ups and banner stands speak volumes about your company to visitors but you only get a momentary glance to impress them. Browsers will decide in a split second whether to stop and talk to you or look at your product so how do you make that first impression count?

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Who doesn't like stationery? We like ours so much we can hardly bare to part with it, which is frankly silly. Visually striking stationery is our speciality and you won't be disappointed! You must promise to use it though...

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Brochures and leaflets

A beautiful designed brochure says a lot about the way a business is run. It needs to communicate a message clearly, give professional confidence and be eye catching due to its original look and feel. We LOVE doing brochures.

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What people say...

The team were enthusiastic with a 'can do' approach from start to finish. We were thrilled with our design, they really listened to everything we said. The process was unexpectedly enjoyable!

- Katie Turpin

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