Digital Marketing & Social Media

Current content is the key to keeping your business ranked highly. Digital marketing keeps its visible.

Why does your business need social media?

It's possible that your business only needs one or two platforms. We help you navigate this choice and coach you through the process of promoting your brand in a positive way through the networks.

We know what works and what doesn't, when to post and how to analyse your impact.

Take The Leap Into Social Media

Email Marketing

Emailing can be a great way to be heard. If you have a fantastic product or brilliant service you want to shout about we can develop an email marketing campaign, source mailing lists, design templates and of course send the word out without being listed as spam.

Whether you have a list of existing clients or have purchased a database of new potential customers we can help you develop your email marketing campaign. We can also write compelling copy that sells your services.

Call us on 01392 680032 for more information on how to set up an email marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing

We set up and manage social media for many clients. We use your branding to create consistent profile pictures and backgrounds, add icons to your website, help you get the right following, advise you on how to interact in the best interest of your business and which media outlets to choose depending on your field. We can write blogs or post on your behalf and we can even run the whole shebang for those who require it!

Call us on 01392 680032 for more information on how to manage social media.

Become More Social