Playing with Politics

I have just received my booklet by the government explaining why it would be best to stay within the European Union. I am a fairly rational person and look carefully at all the information before I go ahead and decide which box to cross. Therefore having seen this booklet I am disappointed with the communication and information presented in it considering the cost to the tax payer was £9m. Working in the media industry I personally would have liked to have seen a more creative approach to the way this campaign was communicated. It is boring and many people will undoubtedly bin it.

In contrast stumbled across a party political Vvdeo by the Green Party which I think is a streak of pure brilliance. The video is based on a Channel 4 TV program called "The Secret Lives of 4 Years Olds" and it parodies some of our politicians as children. The video pokes fun at the ridiculous way British politics has become a name calling playground and it is funny video worthy of sharing amongst friends on Facebook. Will it make people vote green? It will certainly a high level of engagement which in today's politics is a true aspiration.


Posted 8 years ago by Steve Fearn 1 Minute(s) to read