Communication tool kit for schools and colleges

Are your communication skills outstanding? Scroll to see how to raise standards and even boost staff and student morale throughout your school. Who wouldn't choose that?


Making your school outstanding

Being both a governor at his local primary school and a director of a design and marketing agency Steve was charged with the task of reviewing communication throughout the school. As with any other business communication is the key to success and he soon found that even some simple changes can make a massive difference.

Does anyone remember being held up on the London Underground in the 90s? If you've ever frequently commuted there you'll have spent long periods of time on a halted train with no knowledge of what was going on and when it would be resolved. Many times this resulted in angry, frustrated passengers until one day some bright spark suggested that all drivers should announce what was causing the delay and keep passengers in the loop. The signal or track problems still occurred but the tweak in communication changed everything.

Steve has researched all the latest trends in the education sector and spent time talking to staff, children and parents receiving valuable feedback on what works. It is clear that schools that are thriving are built on solid and up-to-date communication systems. Not every leader has the time or skill set to do this and apply it to their situation, which is why Steve and the team at SFI Media now offer this service to schools, colleges and educational establishments.

The three primary communication channels

The best way to communicate is to have a face-to-face conversation.

Albert Mehrabian's research found that tone of voice and body language make up a whopping 93% of our communication. Talking things through in person is less liable to misinterpretation so should always be the first choice where possible.  However, there are times when a face-to-face isn't practical or possible.

Below are three of the next best ways for schools to communicate:

School Websites

So many schools do not maximize this platform and continue to project a basic and out of date site.

Your website often forms prospective parents' first impression of your school. It should clearly reflect the ethos and energy of your school and also be a hub of information, a point of connection where parents, children and teachers regularly visit. The website is the primary channel from which all other digital communication should stem.

You school website must have mandatory government information in place.

Social Media

If used correctly social media can be a great way to communicate with parents, especially those who you never see.

Facebook and Twitter are very useful for sending out quick and succinct information and reminders as lots of parents are using them daily.

Many forward thinking schools use social media platforms successfully to promote their school activities showing the positive events happening every day, engaging hard to reach parents and signposting information on their website.


Email is still a good staple way of communicating with staff and parents. Regular newsletters and official notifications can be attached as files and documents.

Short branded emails are the most effective with a link to more information that can be found on the website. This drives traffic back to your site allowing parents to see the site as a useful tool whilst giving you the opportunity to strengthen the school's image. If the information on the site is well organised, up-to-date and inspiring then it feeds into the image of the school in a positive way.







We can make your school outstanding

using digital tools to enhance pupil, parent and staff communication to help build a happy learning environment.






Make the connection

Have you been set the goal of improving your school's communication strategies?

Let us help you create an informed critical assessment and plan a way forward.

You'll be amazed by how a beautifully designed, shiny, new website and communication system will turn your school into a first choice, destination school and somewhere that staff, pupils and parents alike will identify more strongly with.

We are on Devon County Council's list of approved designers.

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How we work with schools and colleges

No schools are the same. We work alongside you and your school and spend time listening to your requirements. You can choose from a range of services listed below.

If you are unsure where to start we can go through your existing systems and make recommendations, giving you simple strategies to help improve communication.

  • Online questionnaires for staff/parents/pupils focusing on specific areas
  • A findings report to pinpoint areas that require improvement
  • A list of recommendations and strategies based on our findings
  • Develop a school specific website that can be easily updated
  • Advice on how to use existing school communication systems more efficiently
  • Setting up and advising on Facebook and Twitter
  • Linking emails and social media through the website
  • Brochures and printed media requirements
  • Newsletter systems or implementation of an existing system using a more user friendly template

Having spent many years working within a school as a governor Steve understands what a school site requires.

The best sites include: secure areas for staff to set homework and show links to resources for their class to look at, areas for school projects to be showcased, navigation systems that allow parents to look at the events calendar, the latest newsletter or an Ofsted report easily and above all they must be easy for the admin team or a member of staff to update.

All our sites are device responsive and pages, text and images may be added and deleted simply.

Staff can update the website even from a smart phone at home but should you require us to maintain your site for you this can be done for a monthly/termly cost.


"SFI Media really helped with our website giving us a bespoke system works for a small school like ours. It was done in an easy to understand way and we were left with the knowledge of how to move the school forward."

Ruth Jones - Newtown Primary School - Exeter